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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Study Guide Organizational Communication: The interaction required to direct a group toward a set of common goals. 1. What most influences job satisfaction? Meaningful work experience?? 2. What are the aspects of work/life balance in current trends? More two-career families, limited access to child care, extended families are dispersed Some organizations responding with flex time, day care, and parental leave, but all businesses are not even required to provide family medical leave Impact on quality of life is huge Americans spend more time at work than with their families Desire for balance between work and family. People seek more meaningful, involving work experiences. Alteration of definition of success to include more than career ---deeper involvement with family and community. Two Influential Factors: 1. More 2-career families b/c of less unionized, high paying jobs. 2. increased demand for childcare as people are more mobile(away from family) Solutions: businesses providing child care, flexible hours, and parental leave, but today less flex time offered (surprisingly). 3. Define and explain a boundary spanner. Def: company employees who have direct contact with public. Ex: bank teller, customer service rep, market researchers. Functions: 1. Access the opinions of people outside the org and can use that info to guide org decision making. 2. Their awareness of subtle trends in the envi can serve as a warning system for envi jolts. 3. They serve as important reps of the org to its envi. (??) 4. Social effects of neoliberalism: How has gov shifted responsibility to other orgs? Neoliberalism-idea that market knows best free market, failed attempt. Social sector orgs serve as advocates for public 5. Def of dialogue: balanced communication, or communication in which each individual has a chance to both speak and be heard. **balance of creativity and constraint** 4 features: 1. Mindfulness enables us to understand talk as a mental and relational activity that is both purposeful and strategic. , 2. equitable transaction everyone has ability to voice perspectives, 3. emphatic conversation everyone understands the others' perspectives 4. real meeting - transcend differences and recognize common humanity Also mentions phatic communication- small talk that helps us appear to be social and give impression that we are interested in others. 6. Voice and Agency within an organization: Voice- ability of an individual or group to participate in the ongoing organizational dialogue. Ex: managers and owners have voice, janitorial staff do not. Agency- is the capacity of an agent to act in an organization, make choices and impose these in org....
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Study guide - Midterm Study Guide Organizational...

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