Notes for New Branded world (3-18)

Notes for New Branded world (3-18) - Notes for New Branded...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes for New Branded world-Naomi Klien-its about making brands instead of products (like Nike, Microsoft, Intel)-buy products and brand them-you advertise the brand you create-product names with characters give brand an image and advertising is venue to speak directly to would-be-consumers-huge dollar value assigned to a brand name (example Phillip Morris bought Kraft for 6 times its worth on paper)-idea that if youre not rocketing upward than you are crashing down-put more money into advertising because seen as investment- bolstering idea of the brand-the more advertising there is, the more aggressively brands must market to stand out (continuous cycle)-consumers like roaches and ad people have to find new ways to get their attention (stronger versions of Raid)-experimental communication industry- encompasses staging of corporate performance art and other happenings-April 2, 1993 Marlboro Friday- Phillip Morris announced it would drop prices by 20% to...
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