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Genetics 380 Exam Name : ________________________________________ Page 1 /9 Recitation section # or TA: _________________________________________ 447:380 Genetics November 6, 2008 EXAM 2: A General Instructions: There are 39 questions plus one extra credit question on this examination. Please be sure that you have the entire exam (9 pages). Fill in your first and last name in the spaces provided and your recitation section number (or TA’s name) where it asks. Questions 1-39 (and extra credit) should be answered on the exam. Upon completion, please turn in the exam. NOTE: This exam is designed to ascertain what you know about the material. Cheating will not be tolerated. Please keep your eyes on your own paper. Please keep your exam in front of your body, not off to the side. AAAAAAAA SECTION I (28) ___________ SECTION II (27.5) ___________ SECTION III (44.5) ___________ EXTRA CREDIT (7.0) ___________ TOTAL ___________ Genetics 380 Exam Name : ________________________________________ Page 2 /9 Recitation section # or TA: _________________________________________ I. Multiple choice (2 points each). Select the best answer. 1. Interactions among the human ABO blood group alleles involve _______. A. co-dominance B. incomplete dominance C. complete dominance D. epistasis E. A and C 2. In cute furry critters, bald acts as a dominant allele in females and as a recessive allele in males. This is an example of: A. sex-limited inheritance B. sex-linked inheritance C. sex-influenced inheritance D. genomic imprinting E cytoplasmic inheritance 3. A single gene mutation can have multiple effects. For example, there is a recessive allele for coat color
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in mice called yellow, which affects coat color and chances of survival. This effect is called: A. lethal allele. B. temperature sensitive allele. C. pleiotropic effects. D. incomplete dominance. E. none of the above. 4. The phenomenon in which a gene’s expression is determined by its parental origin is called: A. sex influenced B. sex limited C. genomic imprinting D. anticipation E. dosage compensation 5. C. elegans is A. a worm B. Professor Barr’s model organism of choice C. the first multicellular organism in which GFP was expressed. D. all of the above E. none of the above 6. FISH stands for A. fluorescent in situ hybridization. B. first induced strand hybrid. C. F1 insertion segment homolog. D. flanking insertion sequence hybrid. E. fluorescent SNP haplotype 7 - 8. During gel electrophoresis, (7)_ E ____ will migrate more rapidly than (8) __ C __ . A. protein B. RNA C. large DNA fragments D. DNA size markers E. small DNA fragments AAAAAAAA Genetics 380 Exam Name : ________________________________________ Page 3 /9 Recitation section # or TA: _________________________________________ 9. The following is NOT an example of a single nucleotide polymorphism: A. silent SNP within a gene B. disease causing SNP C. RFLP D. chromosomal deletion E. All of the above are examples of single nucleotide polymorphisms. 10-11: Use the DNA sequence shown below for questions 11-12.
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exam 2 2008 - Genetics 380 Exam Name : _ Page 1/9...

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