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Equations Sheet Test 2

Equations Sheet Test 2 - 5 Do not use this sheet as scratch...

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Test 2 Equation sheet EE 3320 Spring 2005 Name:_____________________________ Equation sheet rules: 1. Everything must be hand written. 2. You may only write within the bounds of the bold rectangle below. 3. You may only write stand-alone mathematical equations. No words (in any language) or abbreviations are permitted. No codes either! 4. No worked problems or derivations are permitted.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Do not use this sheet as scratch paper during the test. There should be no writing outside of the box, other than your name. 6. Every student is required to either hand in a copy of this sheet with the final exam or to notify me prior to the exam that you do not have an equation sheet. Transgression of this requirement will be considered evidence of cheating....
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