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10:3A Homework 5/ Fall 2004 Name:_____________________________ EE 3320 Due Friday, September24, 2004 Please print this sheet out and do your work on it to hand in. . 1. In a sourceless region where 0 0 and 5 . 1 µ = µ ε = ε an EM wave is propagating with an electric field represented by m V jkx e 5 y ˆ E = G . a. In which Cartesian direction is this EM wave traveling? b. In which Cartesian direction is the electric field vector pointing?
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Unformatted text preview: c. Calculate the value of the intrinsic impedance, , of this region. d. Write down the corresponding expression for the magnetic field, H G . e. Calculate the phase velocity of this EM in terms of c? f. Calculate the time-averaged Poynting vector for this EM wave....
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