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HW1 P1004 - 0‘ 10 1A EE 3320 rk 1 Due at the beginning of...

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Unformatted text preview: 0‘\ 10: 1A EE 3320 rk 1: Due at the beginning of class Fn , e mary , 0 . Please print this sheet out and attach your work to 1': to hand in. Cylindrical conductor surfaces are located at p = 1cmand p = 20m from an axis in fine space. The volume lcm < p<20m contains the fields fi=$§cos(6x10“1tt—2nz)% and fi=f5240n p a. Calculate the magnetic flux, (1) , through the planar surface defined by (13:0, lcm<p<2cm, 0m<z< 0.1m. Use d§=£|3dpdz cos(6x103m—2nz)%. b. Use the magnetic flux to calculate the induced emf around the perimeter of the planar surface at t =1ns. c. Calculate the voltage between the conducting plates at t = lns, z = 0.1m. d. According to the figure below, if the perimeter of the planar surface is a conductor, which direction (CW or CCW) would the current flow at t = Ins ? Z i0 z=0 i— ‘— ...
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