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Summer03P001 - Summer 2003 EE 3320 100 points Date Monday...

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Unformatted text preview: Summer 2003 EE 3320 100 points Date: Monday, July 14, 2003 Credit will om be given it work supports answer. Include units where appropriate and box all numerical answers. . - l. (15 pts) Use the chart below to determine the polarization type of the electric field represented by E = fiSfi— (2 —- 439121!“ as it travels through free space. Be sure to gplicitly show how you came to your conclusion. Label the two Cartesian axes on the chart and place an X in the location of the polarization. Assume that the inner dotted circle represents A =1 and the outer represents A = 5 . is the wave propagating into or oupgf the page? This figure pertains to a wave traveling out of the 2. (15 pts) In a certain microwave oven a hungry college student is warming a one inch thick steak. His oven has the unique property that the microwave frequency can be raised and lowered with a knob on the front panel. Assume that for the meat 8 = 580 , u = no , 0' = 108/111. :1. At a microwave frequency of Hz compute the depth at which the power of the wave will attenuate to one half of its ori ‘ value at the surface of the steak. 6" U— IO _ _ 1e; ‘6' = or = m "'5' >>l ‘5 WWW“ ‘" b. If the student wishes to increase the depth at which e power is deposited, which way should he dial the frequency; higher or lower? Explain your an er. Thc frequency ‘51“:th he i W rrd bran: ‘H‘UL pht‘l’lrho" 9'9.)ka 1: in“ ”(W P“ Pflillofifl' l" I"! 3‘1”" m4 0" d“ ‘pfllufly' ...
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