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Sex Trafficking in Japan Question: Why is it that the men running the sex trafficking are not prosecuted when the women forced into the “work” are? Answers : There are many factors that involve this- The women (foreigners, lower class, etc) are not really seen as worthy citizens (not citizens at all or even sub-human) that have rights. They are seen as slaves. The laws that protect natives/men/etc do not apply to them. There is a lot of money changing hands (3 trillion). There is a demand for this kind of work, but it’s illegal. So, the “expendables” (the
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Unformatted text preview: sex workers) can be replaced while many of the heads of the underground organizations can not be. The men are in power, they can not be easily replaced. Question: If sex traffickers get pregnant and they are here illegally, what happens to them if they seek medical aid? If they have children who are here with them, what happens to the children if the mother is arrested and prosecuted....
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