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AS- Women and Society- 6-14 Notes

AS- Women and Society- 6-14 Notes - Legal Changes ● 2004...

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Minority Groups and the LGBT Movement Discussion points: Korean/Japanese cultural conflict Negative views on Asian minorities “Comfort women” and their plight Lack of education on the conflict Distorted views on WWII Younger generation is not aware of the “truth” Do gay men have it easier? Self-awareness Acceptance Possibility of marriage? Is it an issue here? The benefits of marriage- do those in the gay community fight for this issue? What are the roles of domestic-partnership? LGBT Issues Public Awareness Only 15.8 (30 out of 118) university professors who are teaching subjects related to human sexuality include the issue of homosexuality in there curriculum Public is unaware of or ignorant of the prejudice and discrimination against LGBT.
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Unformatted text preview: Legal Changes ● 2004: Allowing to rewrite registered gender on certain condition ○ Must have sex-reassignment survey ○ Must be single without children ○ Must be at least 20 years old Social Changes ● Younger men can talk more about their sexuality ● Internet becomes a space to come out or exchange views of one’s sexuality ● Discussion of homosexuality is included as a part of sex education published by the Education Research Council (but in practice there are groups who are against discussing this in the classrooms) ● The laws relating to prostitution, especially homosexual prostitution are very limited...
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