AS- Woman and Society- 5-31 Notes

AS- Woman and Society- 5-31 Notes - the gender roles start...

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Discussion points Fatherhood vs. Motherhood father roles- higher authority? the roles vary in Japan, the housewife handles the finances for the household, whereas husbands in the States would usually handle the finances within the States, there seems to be a trend of women attempting to take on the roles of both mother and father (single parents) Masculinity and Femininity traditional views reflect on strengths or professions men are generally are the head of everything (households, governments, companies, etc) men seem to have more freedom and are not looked at in the same light as women
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Unformatted text preview: the gender roles start even before birth (pink- girl, blue- boy) Blurring the boundaries article the statistics were high! an estimate of 60% of todays Japanese men are soshokukei (herbivores; similar to metrosexuals) the social-gay guys do not want to start families and sometimes chose to avoid relationships with women they like to go shopping and watch what they eat so that they can stay thin the generation of males that grew up in the 80s and before generally do not exhibit this kind of behavior. note: this generation is known as the lost generation....
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