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Review Sheet for Exam I The following learning objectives by module and chapter relate to the key concepts and points of emphasis for this course. All exam questions and problems will relate specifically to these objectives. Chapter 1 –Operations and Productivity 1. Define Operations Management (OM) 2. Discuss why we study OM and why OM is important? 3. Recognize and describe the 10 critical decisions of OM 4. List and describe differences between goods and services 5. Describe the importance of services to the US economy 6. Define, calculate, and interpret productivity 7. Explain how labor, capital, and management affect productivity 8. Recognize ethical challenges facing operations managers Chapter 2 – Operations Strategy in a Global Environment 1. Recognize and describe reasons to globalize 2. Define order qualifier and order winner. Determine order qualifiers and winners for a given company 3. Explain differentiation, cost leadership, and response and as strategic approaches. Apply the appropriate one to a given example. 4. Describe how the 10 critical decisions of OM relate to the three strategic approaches Chapter 6 – Managing Quality 1. Define quality 2. List and describe three implications of quality for an organization
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Review%20sheet%20for%20Exam%20I-F2011 - Review Sheet for...

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