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Review Sheet for Exam 2 The following learning objectives by module and chapter relate to the key concepts and points of emphasis for this course. All exam questions and problems will relate specifically to these objectives. Chapter 7 –Process Strategy 1. Define process (transformation) strategy and describe its effect on firm strategy 2. Describe process focus, repetitive, product focus, and mass customization relative to variety and volume 3. Calculate and interpret a crossover analysis for process selection 4. Construct the Service Process Matrix relative to degrees of customization and labor. Provide an example for each quadrant. 5. Describe flow diagrams, value stream mapping, and service blueprinting 6. Describe service process design relative to the degree of labor and customization 7. Define process redesign Supplement 7 – Capacity Planning 1. Define design and effective capacity 2. Define and calculate utilization 3. Define and calculate efficiency 4. Describe approaches for managing demand 5. Describe different approaches for capacity expansion
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Review%20Sheet%20for%20Exam%202%20w%20sol - Review Sheet...

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