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Online homework practice section: This section is open to all students. Use it to practice the old assignments that you have already taken to prepare for exams and quizzes. No scores will be recorded and you will get no credit for any correct answers. To end your practice homework session use SAVE AND EXIT. If you use SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT FOR GRADING you will only have three chances to practice an assignment. To access the practice section click "Register for another course" under Course Registration. Enter the course key E-5MNBVQ3C45QSM and click "Use this course key". You should get a congratulations message that you are registered for Practice. Now when you click Assignments/Tests you will have a drop down menu
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Unformatted text preview: with the two courses you are registered for on Cengage: 22100 (00#) or 22200 (00#) and 22100 Practice or 22100 Practice. Choose the Practice and click "Go". One common mistake that students make when doing their homework is submitting an assignment for grading from Practice instead of 22100 (00#) or 22200 (00#). If you make the mistake of submitting an assignment from the practice section instead of your actual section and the deadline passes you will not have a second chance to submit the assignment. For this reason you should only use Practice for old assignments that you have already completed and gotten credit for....
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