Essay _2 (2011) - POL 507 Power, Technology, and Change...

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POL 507– Power, Technology, and Change Final Essay Instructions DUE: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 (in class) Write a seven page research paper/case study (double-spaced, 12 pt font) on any one SPECIFIC TECHNOLOGY. Most of your research can be done by collecting, consulting, and analyzing online sources (online news websites, scholarly journals, policy websites, magazines, government websites, company websites, and civilian activist websites). DO NOT REPRODUCE WIKIPEDIA entries. . You may use my lecture notes as reference material for key concepts and theories. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS The first step in is to choose a technology that you are interested in learning more about or examining in greater detail (i.e. a surveillance technology, weapons technology, new media technology, labour-saving technology, etc.). New technology is being developed all the time. Choose something you are interested in. You must select something specific (i.e. CCTV, not surveillance technology; the predator drone, not weapons technology; Twitter, not new media; self-check outs at the movie theatre, not labour-saving technology). After deciding what technology you want to examine, the second step is to engage in research, which means collecting information about it. Gather as much information as possible. Your Works Cited must include a list of at least ten sources. After you’ve gathered the appropriate research material, the third step is to read, examine and analyze it. Do so with the below SOCIAL SHAPING methodological questions in mind, as you may choose to structure your paper as a series of ‘answers’ to these questions. The fourth step is to develop an introduction (that introduces your
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Essay _2 (2011) - POL 507 Power, Technology, and Change...

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