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Essay _1 Instructions - Essay 1 Perspectives of Technology...

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Essay # 1 – Perspectives of Technology and Politics in the News Media Due: Wednesday October 12, 2011 Please submit a hard copy in class. Please email a soft copy (word document) to [email protected] The first four lectures of this course described and evaluated four different perspectives on technology: technological instrumentalism , technological determinism , technological optimism and technological pessimism . Since these four perspectives shape how many people think about technology, they can be said to be a form of persuasive form in society. These perspectives are not value- neutral, but value-loaded with questionable claims, judgements, beliefs, and assumptions about technology. It is important that we learn how to recognize and assess the perspectives. In this assignment, students are asked to identify and evaluate the perspective(s) on technology through a close textual analysis of a news story about new technology and politics. The assignment asks you to show how philosophies and ideologies of technology are communicated through the textual content of a news story. Please present a 3 page analysis (double spaced, 12pt font) of the perspective(s) on a specific technological innovation communicated by a news media story. Specific Instructions.
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Essay _1 Instructions - Essay 1 Perspectives of Technology...

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