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FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.purdue.edu/emergency_preparedness/ (PLEASE POST) May 7, 2008 PURDUE UNIVERSITY EMERGENCY PROCEDURES QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE FOR ANY EMERGENCY: CALL 911 WHAT TO DO… EVACUATION PROCEDURES-- FIRES Activate the alarm When fire alarm is activated, evacuation is mandatory Call for help—dial 911 Warn others Evacuate IAW the Building Emergency Plan or at the nearest exit Evacuate immediately—if possible take your belongings Evacuate to an area that does not impede responders Assist persons with disabilities, if possible DO NOT USE ELEVATORS Do not re-enter the building until authorized by Public Safety officials SHELTER IN PLACE— TORNADO WARNING If the All Hazards Sirens are activated or you are notified of a warning, immediately seek shelter in nearest facility Proceed to the lowest level. If a basement is not available, seek an interior hallway or small interior room on lowest level, away from windows and doorways All clear will be announced over the local
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