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Labs 4&5_Singer case student instructions_2011

Labs 4&5_Singer case student instructions_2011 -...

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1 IND-MEC 713 (F2011) - Labs 4 and 5 These labs start the week of November 7, 2011. Each lab section will conduct the labs over two 2-hour lab sessions as follows: Singer Hospital Products Corp. (Text, pp. 428 to 431) The case study involves the evolution of a new product and the project devised to take it to market. This case will require defining objectives, developing a work breakdown structure, network diagram, schedule, and resource loading diagrams for each of the involved departments. The case also requires cost-time trade-offs, cash flows and resource leveling. You will work in groups during the labs and use MS Project 2007 and MS Excel software. Read the Singer case from the text (pp. 428-431) or the pdf file on Blackboard in Course Documents/Labs listed as Labs 4 and 5. You will be answering the questions listed at the end of the case after group discussions and group work. Each group will submit group reports with individual sections appropriately identified where required.
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