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Lab 1_Case2_SanFranciscoBridge - appearance proper grammar...

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IND/MEC 713 Lab 1_Case study2 San Francisco’s Bridges Instructions: 1. Students should form into groups of 3 (min) to 5 (max) each. 2. Read the attached case individually. 3. Discuss in your groups about the important aspects, issues and problems. 4. Consider possible answers to the questions asked below. 5. Formulate answers after discussion and debate in your groups. 6. Submit a typed answer with a cover page, student names and numbers and other details as required. Submission must be made before the end of the lab to the TA. 7. Your submission will be assessed and graded on the submission’s general
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Unformatted text preview: appearance, proper grammar and language, thoroughness, and quality of the answers. Questions: 1. Briefly describe the scenario presented in the case highlighting what you see as the main consideration(s) or concern(s). How were they addressed? 2. How would a demolition project differ from a more common construction project? Consider performance, schedule and budget. 3. Would the life cycle for this project be S-shaped or the right half of a U or something else? 4. How about the life cycle for a freeway construction project? What would it look like?...
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Lab 1_Case2_SanFranciscoBridge - appearance proper grammar...

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