Lab 3_MSProject2007_7-8_F2011

Lab 3_MSProject2007_7-8_F2011 - IND/(MEC 713 (F2011) PLACE...

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1 IND/(MEC 713 (F2011) PLACE : KHE 137 COMPUTER LAB THESE LAB SESSIONS WILL BE DEVOTED TO MS PROJECT 2007. TEACHING ASSISTANTS WILL GUIDE STUDENTS THROUGH VARIOUS STEPS OF THE PROGRAM USING A PROJECT EXAMPLE. AT THE END OF THESE LAB SESSIONS, STUDENTS SHOULD BE FAMILIAR WITH BASIC USAGE OF THE PROGRAM FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT. SEE HANDOUT OF QUICK REFERENCE. LAB 3 (7) Fine Tuning Task Details Topics ¾ adjusting working times for project and tasks ¾ adjusting task relationships ¾ changing task types ¾ interrupting tasks ¾ entering fixed costs ¾ setting up recurring tasks ¾ setting task constraints ¾ reorganizing phases and tasks ¾ entering deadline dates ¾ viewing critical path (8) Fine Tuning Resource Details. Topics ¾ adjusting working time for resources ¾ setting up resource availability ¾ entering multiple pay rates ¾ setting up pay rates ¾ resource costs ¾ resource allocations with time ¾ leveling over allocated resources ¾ resource notes Do following problems (see attached) and submit at the end of the lab to your TA:
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2012 for the course IND/MECH mec 713 taught by Professor Bhole during the Fall '11 term at Ryerson.

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Lab 3_MSProject2007_7-8_F2011 - IND/(MEC 713 (F2011) PLACE...

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