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Resource Allocation_Badiru - -facilitate ease of scheduling...

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Resource Allocation in Project networks - CPM and PERT assume unlimited resources, - only time is optimized - major constraints are time, resources and performance requirements - have to be trade-offs among these - must determine what resources are required versus what are available - use heuristics (logical rules) to prioritize and assign resources - longest duration first, shortest duration first, critical activities first, maximum predecessors first, etc. - resource allocation affected by factors such as duration of availability, skill level required, cost, productivity level, and priority strategy
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2 Resource Allocation Rules
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Unformatted text preview: -facilitate ease of scheduling large projects-simple, intuitive or complex (need computer)-should be simple, clear, easy, flexible, unambiguous ACTIM (Activity Time) – represents max. time that activity control in project network on any one path – length of time between when the activity finishes and when the project finishes, i.e. ACTIM = (critical path time) – (activity latest start time) = CP - LS ACTRES (Activity Resource) – combination of activity time and resource requirements, i.e. ACTRES = (activity duration) x (Resource requirement) = D x R...
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Resource Allocation_Badiru - -facilitate ease of scheduling...

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