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MEC626 (F11) Assignment # 4 Prepared by Dr. J. Cao 1 RYERSON UNIVERSITY Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MEC626: Applied Finite Elements Assignment #4 Instructor: Dr. J. Cao Due: 5:00pm, Wed. Nov. 30, 2011 (Late assignment will receive no marks). 1. Solve 13.4 on Page 655 of textbook using three elements. 2. Solve 16.3 on Page 824 of textbook. 3. Solve 16.11(b) on Page 826 of textbook using two elements only via mass-lumping approach (assume no inertial effect associated with rotation).
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Given O.D.E.: b dx du x a ) ( ) , ( b a for L x subjected to u (0) = 0. (A) Determine the exact solution. (B) Let u (x) be approximated by a quadratic polynomial, for L =2, a =1, b =2. Determine the finite element solution using the following weighted-residual methods: (a) point-collocation method; (b) subdomian-collocation method; (c) least-square method; (d) Galerkins method....
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