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MA 15200 Ground Rules Summer 2011 1 CLASS PERIOD Students are expected to attend every class meeting and to read the appropriate sections of the text before coming to class. Instructors may not have time to cover every topic in class. The summer session moves very quickly. LESSON NOTES Notes for each lesson will be found on the course web page. It is recommended that students print off these notes and bring to class with them. You can 3-hole punch these notes and keep in your binder. HOMEWORK Homework assignments will be collected. Late homework will not be accepted. The three lowest paper homework scores will be dropped at the end of the summer session. For more than three to be excused; valid, documentable reasons will have to be provided for ALL missed homework assignments. Students are expected to work paper homework on loose leaf paper. It is strongly suggested that students keep all homework assignments in consecutive order in a homework 3-ring binder. It is also suggested that quizzes and exams also are kept in consecutive order in this binder. For paper homework, students are required to copy the original problems, show necessary steps or work, and derive answers. Paper homework will be scored both on correct work and/or answers and completion of the assigned problems. Paper homework is due when collected at the class following the given lesson. For example; lesson 9 homework is due on the day that lesson 10 is presented. SUPPLIES Other than the textbook, students will need to have the following for this course: a TI-30XA calculator; some loose-leaf paper and graph paper for homework and/or quizzes; a 3-ring binder to keep homework, quizzes, notes, and exams stored in an organized manner; the usual pencils and erasers; a 3-hole punch (optional); and a straightedge (optional). QUIZZES
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152sum11groundrulesJC - MA 15200 Ground Rules Summer 2011...

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