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MEC626 (F11) Assignment # 3 Prepared by Dr. J. Cao 1 RYERSON UNIVERSITY Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MEC626: Applied Finite Elements Assignment #3 Instructor: Dr. J. Cao Due: 6:00pm, Thur. Nov. 17, 2011 (Late assignment will receive no marks). 1. Re-visit the truss problem that you have solved in your midterm test. Now, all members in the structure are viewed as sustaining loads in both axial and transverse directions. Let psi E 5 10 25 and 4 200 in I for all the three members in the structure as shown in the right figure, and G = 1 kip . The specified orientations and other property parameters for the three members are grouped in the
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Unformatted text preview: following table: Element From node To node Length ( in ) Cross sectional area ( 2 in ) 1 3 4 2 50 2 2 2 3 2 50 2 3 1 3 50 2 Determine: (1) the displacement at node 3; (2) the element forces in 2 nd member; and (3) the reactions at node 4. Also, make comments on the difference, if any, between this set of results and the solution to the original truss problem given in the midterm test. 2. Solve 6.11 on Pages 379-380 of textbook. 3. Solve 6.13 on Page 391 of textbook ( Hint : this question is very similar to Example 6-3 demonstrated in class)....
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