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MIE_lab report guidelines

MIE_lab report guidelines - Department of Mechanical and...

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Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department Guidelines for: Lab Reports Prepared by: Dr. V. Chan, P.Eng. May 7 th , 2007 With contributions from Professors: R. Budny, A. Fung, F. Salustri
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1. Guidelines to Writing Lab Reports Lab reports are based on the centuries old “Scientific Method,” where fundamental theories of science, upon which engineers base their designs on, are observed, tested and verified. Your ability to effectively communicate your (or your group’s) results determines your effectiveness as a future professional engineer. The layout of the report: 1) Cover Page - with names of group members (see template). 2) Summary – 1 paragraph summary of the lab, on it’s own page, last sentence should be the major conclusion. 3) Introduction – Introduce the objectives of the experiment. 4) Apparatus – Equipment used for the experiment. - Instrumentation used. - Materials used during the experiment. - If the lab manual has these descriptions, refer to these pages or detail any differences between the lab manual and actual apparatus used in the lab. 5) Procedure 6) Results – including Figures and Tables 7) Discussion 8) Conclusions 9) References 10) Appendices - mathematical analysis - spreadsheets - original lab notes, observations - other essential information The format of the report is as follows: Typed - Reports are to be typed, 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1” margins, although the mathematical analysis can be hand written neatly.
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