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GROUND RULES, SUMMER 2011 CLASS PERIOD Students are expected to watch every lesson and to read the appropriate sections of the text. The instructor may not have had time to cover every topic in the videos. HOMEWORK Lessons 1-21 are to be completed using the online homework system and is automatically graded and scored. Lessons 22-24 are on paper and pencil. Lessons 25-28 will be online. Lesson 29 will be on paper and pencil. Lessons 30-35 will be online. Lessons 36-40 will be on paper and pencil. Four of your lowest online homework scores will be automatically excused. Odd answers in the text and even answers available the course webpage. CALCULATORS Only one-line , non-graphing, non-programmable , scientific calculators are allowed on exams. Make sure you take your scientific calculator to the exams. PROCTORS WILL LOOK AT YOUR CALCULATOR TO MAKE SURE IT IS APPROPRIATE. DO NOT BRING A GRAPHING OR PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATOR. OFFICE HOURS
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