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grulesMA153Sum11 - GROUND RULES FOR MA15300Y SUMMER 2011...

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GROUND RULES FOR MA15300Y, SUMMER 2011 INSTRUCTOR Name: Erin Malloy Email: [email protected] Office: MATH 643 Fax: send ATTN: Erin Malloy (6 th floor) to (765)494-0548 Course webpage: www.math.purdue.edu/MA15300Y CLASS PERIOD Students are expected to watch every lesson and to read the appropriate sections of the text. The instructor may not have had time to cover every topic in the videos. HOMEWORK Online assignments are to be completed through www.webassign.net/purdue/login.html - instructions on signing up and paying for this service are available on the course webpage and through Blackboard. Lessons 1-16 are to be completed using the online homework system WebAssign and are automatically graded and scored. Lessons 17-18 are on paper and pencil. Lessons 19-21 will be online. Lesson 22 will be on paper and pencil. Lessons 23-26 will be online. Lessons 27-29 will be on paper and pencil. Four of your lowest online homework scores will be automatically excused. Odd answers in the text and even answers available on the course webpage. Homework will be made available on Mondays for the entire week of lessons, and will be due at 11:55pm the class day after the lesson is scheduled. This extra time is designed for you to be able to watch the video or PowerPoint lesson on schedule, then take a day or so to work on the homework, and so that you have time to get any help that you need if you are having trouble with the assignment. Please do your best to keep to this schedule – waiting until the last minute to work on your homework will be detrimental to your grade, and will likely ensure that you don’t have time to get the help you might need.
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