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MA 16100 Final Exam -- Information and Review Problems -- Summer 2011 **NOTE: Final Exam Room: RAWL 1086** The Final Exam is Wednesday, 8/3 at 3:20PM ( 2 hour exam) The Final Exam will be 25 multiple-choice questions. The Final Exam is comprehensive… However the Final Exam will highly emphasize the topics and problems from Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5. The Assignment Sheet located on the webpage: www.math.purdue.edu/MA16100 **The homework problems from the textbook listed on the Assignment Sheet describe the coverage of material you should expect to see on the Final Exam. Also, make note of problems and types of problems emphasized in lectures. So, working textbook problems like the homework problems should be your priority in preparing for the exam. NOTE: You only have access in the back of the textbook to the answers to the odd-numbered problems, so your focus should be on those problems where you can readily check your answers. This is also true for the extra review problems listed below. For review sessions with your instructors the similar even-numbered problems
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