The Nineti26 - • Professional wrestling entered a boom period in the mid'90s when the WWF and WCW in an attempt to cash in on the trend started

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The Nineties Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise were among the biggest stars in Hollywood. While Mel had made some inflammatory remarks in some magazine interviews, and Cruise was suffering from media oversaturation with his then-wife Nicole Kidman , they were still beloved by moviegoers. Viewership of a show lived and died on the TV ratings. If, say, the network scheduled your favorite show out of order or preempted it with sports, the best you could hope for was to write a letter and hope they read it. There were no DVDs for repeated watching of a show so Keep Circulating the Tapes applied to absolutely everything . Online communities (to get the word out about the mistreatment of a show) were still embryonic — it was only late in the decade that networks began caring (slightly) about a show's online "buzz," as this meant that the show was reaching a wealthy and educated audience. Reality TV was getting its start with MTV's The Real World , but the genre didn't seriously pick up until the 2000s.
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Unformatted text preview: • Professional wrestling entered a boom period in the mid-'90s when the WWF and WCW , in an attempt to cash in on the trend started by small independent promotion ECW , went in a Darker and Edgier direction, pushing adult themes and anti-heroic wrestlers and stables like The Rock , Stone Cold Steve Austin , the nWo and Degeneration X. WWF would later come to call this time in their history the Attitude Era . This type of programming led to the Monday Night Wars , a time in the late-'90s in which the two promotions were at each other's throats for dominance of the wrestling landscape, and THE MILLIONS! were tuning in to watch. Like any form of "edgy" media that entered the mainstream American consciousness in this decade, pro wrestling soon came under fire from Moral Guardians who were upset about all the violence, cursing and sex that was being broadcast, as well as the tendency of fans to try and imitate what they had seen (often to disastrous results )....
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