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The Nineties In the early part of the decade, unless you were a child, your shirt was always tucked in, regardless of your gender or how formally you were dressed. For women and girls, overalls were extremely popular (starting about 1993), and high-cut jeans were the rule until the later years of the decade. (Just how much later depended on your location.) Unless you were in high school , skirts were practically non-existent. Acid-washed jeans held on for a while from the '80s, but spandex was verboten. Frizzy and/or voluminous hair also briefly remained as an '80s holdover, although flatter hair pushed it out early in the decade. The women's hairstyle most associated with the decade is the "Rachel" cut, worn by Jennifer Aniston in the early seasons of Friends — flat, straight, and square layered. Large, chunky blonde highlights, also known as "streaking" (no, not that kind ), became popular around the same time as the "Rachel" cut, also popularized by Jennifer Aniston. Men's hairstyles,
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