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The Nineties o It's noteworthy, however, that in the late nineties obesity started to be looked upon more as an actual disease than just a person who eats a lot. The term "eating disorders" eventually became a blanket for everything from anorexia to obesity. The hidden problem of sexual harassment and other indignities women had to face in the workplace was finally exposed to the world in the US Senate hearing of potential US Supreme Court when his former co- worker, Anita Hill, came forward to told the story of Thomas made her life hell with his sleazy treatment of her. Technology: From our perch in The New Tens , the '90s can seem hopelessly primitive. In fact, dramatic change was the norm throughout the decade: it began with a handful of people on Usenet or text-only BBSes*
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Unformatted text preview: , and ended with everyone and their dog having web pages and sharing music on Napster. We even had viral videos — "Troops" came out in 1997. (You had to download it in pieces, because it was too large to be downloaded all at once.) • For most of the Nineties, though, personal computers were a minor luxury. Like televisions in the '50s, most homes had only one computer for the whole family to use. The age of the model and operating system varied, but Windows 95 became the standard after, well, '95. Most printers were of the dot matrix variety, and laptops were rare, bulky luxuries. For many young people, the only time when they had access to a reasonably modern computer was in school, and then, it was usually only in the computer lab (if the school even had one)....
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