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The Nineti23 - revival of'60s and'70s Hippie-style clothes...

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The Nineties Both plaid and neon were extremely popular designs for clothing. Neon more so, but everybody remembers plaid more . In glaring contrast to the arch accessorizing by young middle-class fashion plates in The Eighties , kids in this decade (or at least during the early and middle parts of it) seemed to scorn looking like your clothes had actually been ironed. Fashions for young men became rumpled and rather clownish, with unbuttoned pendleton shirts, baggy shorts or jeans, and sloppy caps sported atop mops of unkempt, occasionally dangling strands of hair. Not all boys dressed like this of course, but the ridiculously casual aesthetic caught on to some degree everywhere. And if we are to believe Cher in Clueless , girls did not find this look attractive at all . From approximately the middle of the decade onward there was a
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Unformatted text preview: revival of '60s and '70s Hippie-style clothes and jewelry — the Peace symbol, Yin-Yang, and Smiley Face in particular — and then Rave culture surfaced, which had an "infantilizing" effect (girls dressed as fairies and Muppets, guys looking like Dr. Seuss characters with giant hats, and neon pony beads EVERYWHERE). • Hip-hop fashion, with its ridiculously baggy clothes, caught on amongst men (and a few women ) in the middle part of the decade, especially in black communities (white people who wore it were often dismissed as posers ). One of the most popular theories for the origin of this fashion style is that it developed in prison, where convicts couldn't get prison uniforms in the right size, and that they took this fashion with them when they were released....
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