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The NinetiesnThe Nineties

The NinetiesnThe Nineties - mouth pissed off her opponents...

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The NinetiesnThe Nineties o There was also Kimberly Bergalis, a straight woman who was infected (possibly deliberately) with AIDS by her dentist. o Pedro Zamora, an audience favorite character in The Real World : San Francisco , died of AIDS just after that season had aired. Pedro's sympathetic portrayal helped change people's minds about what gay and HIV+ people were like. o Finally, there was the public health nightmare that AIDS caused in sub-Saharan Africa. When a disease becomes The Plague for an entire continent full of people (who hadn't committed the perceived sins that the disease was being attributed to), it's rather difficult to claim that it's some sort of divine punishment. One of the key figures of '90s controversy was Joycelyn Elders, the Surgeon General under Bill Clinton. Pretty much everything out of her
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Unformatted text preview: mouth pissed off her opponents: from the suggestion that schools distribute contraceptives and teach a more comprehensive sexual education program to the idea that drugs should be legalized. However, the one concept that will always follow her around was the suggestion that young people should masturbate instead of engaging in potentially risky sexual activity. This was the final nail in her coffin, and she was out after that. • People started paying attention to the growing obesity issue in the late '90s. It seemed like every other report was about childhood obesity for a while. o Or anorexia. Towards the late 90s, there was a big focus on shutting down pro-ana websites, and for a little while it seemed like the obesity rhetoric was toned down in favor or preventing eating disorders....
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