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The Nineties Sexuality in the media was another big sticking point. NYPD Blue had an episode where Dennis Franz' naked ass was shown, creating a great deal of controversy. It also became something of a Never Live It Down moment for Franz. o In the UK it was 1994 before a Lesbian Kiss could be shown in a primetime, non-titillating, sympathetic, manner. It would be another four years before a transsexual woman could be shown in the same way. Even with all the Moral Guardians running around, the '90s saw something of a reversal of opinion on homosexuality, and the rebirth of the gay rights movement. While acceptance of gay people was a ways behind what it is today, and gay marriage was never on the table, views of homosexuality were still miles ahead of the blatant homophobia that ran in The Eighties . This was helped, in part, by an increasingly large
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Unformatted text preview: number of celebrities coming out as gay, some less than willingly. In the '90s, there was something of a drive by various media outlets to "out" as many people as they could. • Another, and possibly greater, factor in the rise of gay rights was the breaking of the taboo surrounding AIDS. Throughout The Eighties , AIDS was perceived as " God's punishment against gays and junkies", which killed cruelly and almost immediately, and was transmitted through means not yet entirely clear. * But a couple of high-profile deaths changed the public's opinion: o Ryan White, a hemophiliac teenager who got infected through contaminated blood transfusions and died of a respiratory infection in 1990 at the age of 18. His story changed public perception from AIDS from a disease that affected only "those people" to something that affected everyone....
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