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The Nineti15 - The Nineties Meanwhile on the other side of...

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The Nineties o Meanwhile, on the other side of The Pond , Britpop emerged as a backlash against the dourness of grunge, and became the dominant form of music in Britain. However, the only Britpop band to gain real traction in America was Oasis , with the rest becoming one hit wonders at best. o Many college students across America followed Lo-Fi, the Los Angeles / Chicago -based indie rock genre spearheaded by Pavement , Neutral Milk Hotel , and Beck. o Indie rock itself begins to make a name for itself after being an incredibly obscure genre for the last half of the 80's. Pavement especially become the most well known of the 90's indie bands to the MTV-watching public. The '90s were the decade in which hip-hop/rap first began to receive widespread attention from white listeners, and began to expand beyond its New York base. The Beastie Boys , Run-D.M.C. , MC Hammer , Cypress Hill , House Of Pain and Vanilla Ice helped bring it to mainstream attention early in the decade (and late in the preceding one
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