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The Nineti17 - Violent Glaswegian heritage and modernise...

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The Nineties Las Vegas , after spending The Eighties in rundown shape, was gradually transformed into a luxury casino resort hotbed in the wake of the 1989 opening of Steve Wynn's Mirage Hotel and Casino. The city also tried to cultivate a "family-friendly" image in order to attract more affluent Baby Boomers and their tweener children, but this policy seems to have fallen by the wayside now. In the United Kingdom it was all change for no change as the Right- Wing eighties conservative government hung on, generating sex- scandal, after sex-scandal, after corruption-scandal until 1997 and Tony Blair took power. The attempts by the Conservatives to hang onto power is generally considered to have delayed the Northern Ireland peace process for at least 3 years. o Also in the UK, Glasgow began to throw off its
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Unformatted text preview: Violent Glaswegian heritage and modernise the city centre. This had the side effect of causing a musical and artistic explosion in the late '90s that bore serious fruit in the following decade. • The biggest celebrity of The Eighties , Michael Jackson , started the decade off well with the album Dangerous , but 1993 accusations of child molestation and his choice to settle out of court with the alleged victim's family started an It Got Worse downhill trajectory for his career (particularly in the U.S.), which ended with his death in 2009 . • Russia saw little of the stuff described above. The still-smoking ruins of the Soviet Union were a place of suffering, rampant poverty, rise of The Mafiya , unrestrained corporate greed, a never-ending counter-terrorist war in Chechnya. .....
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  • Luxury Casino Resort, affluent baby boomers, eighties conservative government, Violent Glaswegian heritage, Worse downhill trajectory

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