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The Nineti20 - decreasing worker productivity This despite...

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The Nineties Mid-decade saw a brief, inexplicable fad for "crystal clear" versions of sodas, which tasted like Coke, Pepsi, root beer, etc., but didn't have the food coloring, so they looked clear. You'd pick up what you thought was a lemon-lime soda, but it would taste like a cola!!! Yeah. .. the novelty wore off pretty quickly. o Your Mileage May Vary on that. Some of us miss those marvelous drinks with a passion. Headlines: As Communism had begun to fall in many countries around 1989, the Cold War is said to have truly ended in '91 with the dissolving of the Soviet Union. The Home: Home size in the 1990s continued to increase while lot size decreased, resulting in the modern McMansion. In addition, many housing developments were isolated and rural, increasing commute times and
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Unformatted text preview: decreasing worker productivity. This, despite the fact that the average family size was decreasing. • Many homeowners in the '90s went to great lengths to update their (often old) homes with the latest in decor, which mostly meant investing in a lot of glass and granite. Mean property values in the United States skyrocketed. • Family size started getting smaller; whereas back in the day, six- and seven-child families were not unheard of, in the '90s it was very uncommon for a family to have more than three kids, and it was next-to-impossible to find a family with more than five kids. The exceptions were families that objected to contraceptives and families that couldn't afford it in the first place....
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