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The Nineties While seemingly everything else was getting smaller, the family car was getting bigger. ..and bigger. ..and so on. Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) were really popular in the '90s with families. Whereas in the past the SUV was the car a rugged camper or backpacker would buy to lug around all his stuff and was a two-door model often with a detatchable fiberglass roof and a 20-year design cycle, the '90s saw the cars firmly associated with the soccer mom shuffling her kids to and from practice. The mantra was that they were safer (unless you were making a sharp turn. ..) No one thought about gas mileage (gas was very cheap, even adjusted for inflation) or a carbon footprint. Among passenger cars, 4- door sedans commanded an ever-larger market share with each new model year bringing fewer wagons, sporty coupes and small cars than
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Unformatted text preview: the one before, and hatchbacks practically disappearing from the North American market towards the end of the decade. Local Issues: • Rudy Giuliani became mayor of New York City , thus ending the grimy "classic" New York of yesteryear. He was helped greatly by Disney. Disney wanted to adapt Beauty and the Beast into a Broadway play, but Broadway and Times Square were pretty rough at the time. Giuliani knew the amount of revenue that it would bring, so he assured those at Disney that it would be cleaned up by the time they were ready. • A particular unit of Los Angeles ' police department underwent a decade of corruption and mafia-style activity in what became known as the Rampart Scandal, later inspiring the television series The Shield ....
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