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The Nineties After spending the 80's in the economic doldrums Ireland began to grow much more prosperous in this decade, leading the boom years of The Celtic Tiger from 1994 onwards. As well as becoming richer the decade also saw a boom in interest in Irish culture overseas, shaped by the likes of Riverdance. In Japan, the economic bubble of the 1980s burst in 1991, leading to a decade-long recession that's now referred to as "The Lost Decade". Japan has yet to fully recover, because while Japanese companies were languishing in the 90s, rival companies in South Korea and Taiwan picked up steam, making it a lot harder for Japanese companies to start growing again after the Turn of the Millennium . Music: Musical tastes in the 1990s varied drastically among different age groups and localities. To listen to Top 40 radio in the 1990s would mean being buried under endless waves of Sixpence,
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Unformatted text preview: Suzanne Vega , and tons of more mellow vocal artists. In the late '90s, boy bands and pop princesses became extremely popular and started blanketing the airwaves. • What was rock music like in the '90s? Well, hair metal hung on for the first couple of years in bold defiance of good taste, but was soon acid-washed from history by grunge . Grunge, in turn, suffered a backlash as Kurt Cobain killed himself and increasingly derivative bands partook in a lyrical style that Nathan Rabin dubbed "Hunger-Dunger-Dang." However, even though grunge itself was out, the musical style influenced many bands in what is now known as " post-grunge ", which became prevalent late in the decade and remains to this day. Nu-metal arose and peaked around the same time as post-grunge, and emo was first starting to get mainstream attention thanks to Weezer ....
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