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The Nineties Most of what we now know as the Internet (and the word was always capitalized then) did not exist. Here is a look at how crude the internet was as recently as 1995. No friending networks , very primitive search engines, no streaming video , and use of the words " blog " or "wiki" in casual conversation would earn you blank stares. Message boards only came into their own late in the decade — before that, there was Usenet , a huge collection of discussion groups for every topic in the universe. The only three browsers were Netscape (and its precursor, Mosaic), Internet Explorer, and America Online. Yes, AOL, or as many people came to call it, AOHell . Millions got suckered into AOL's crappy business policy and spyware-ridden software thanks to its mass mailing of CDs and its ads proclaiming that it was "so easy to use, no wonder it's #1!". AOL was instrumental in kick-starting the Eternal September , which is when public interest in the internet first began to surge.
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