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The Nineties Cell phones were in the transition period between the giant bricks of the '80s and the smaller, sleeker, multimedia-enabled devices of today. While prices were coming down, they were still most definitely a luxury item, even more so than a home computer, and were predominantly the domain of businessmen and people who worked on the go. For the rest of us, there were pagers. (Remember Buffy saying "If the Apocalypse comes, beep me"? That's a pager she's talking about.) Cell phones started becoming smaller, cheaper and more common late in the decade, but even then, anything beyond the basics (sending and receiving calls and text messages) was reserved only for the most high- end models. Service was found only in more urban areas, and was still rather spotty. Text messaging was a lot more expensive than it is today,
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Unformatted text preview: and was practically unheard of. It wasn't for nothing that most people still relied on land lines during this period, and things like pay phones and the Yellow Pages (massive doorstopper books that listed all phone numbers in a given area) were commonplace. Video gaming really started taking off amongst kids. o The early '90s saw the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis , which is seen by some as the last great console war to this day, it's truly difficult to tell who was the clear-cut winner. Gaming started improving from a technolgical standpoint, and by the late '90s we had both a 64-bit system and the birth of the compact disc as a gaming medium. Nintendo owned the market after the Genesis fell off, but Sony would take over until the Wii came along in the mid '00s....
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