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The Eightie5 - out of style later in the decade but people...

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The Eighties For a brief period of time, women, mostly teenage girls, could be seen wearing cut-off denim shorts over sheer tights with sneakers. Unsurprisingly, this look didn't last long, being considered completely terrible even by '80s standards. Given that skintight jeans could be very hard to get on or off over one's feet, some styles had zippers at the back of the ankle. While not terribly widespread, this hung on into the early nineties, until such tight jeans fell out of style. Shoulder pads among women's business suits were also an Acceptable Target with their ridiculously masculine style. Neckties got skinny again around 1979 thanks to Punk Rock . Not everybody wore them, but by '83 or so most people did. They went back
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Unformatted text preview: out of style later in the decade, but people on the west coast were still wearing them in 1989. Education/School: • Personal computers (particularly the Apple II ) made their grand entrance into education during this decade, especially around the midpoint and after. Schools built dedicated computer labs to teach students typing, a skill that they (correctly) guessed would become very important in the coming years for more than just secretaries. These school computers also had games like Oregon Trail , loved by teachers for its ability to teach students history, and loved by students for granting them the opportunity to shoot everything between the Mississippi River and the Willamette Valley....
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