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The Seventies Music: This is the decade where Hard Rock started to really grow to popularity. While Led Zeppelin formed as a band in 1968, released two albums in 1969, and gained a cult following — it wasn't until November of 1971, when they had released their fourth album ( which was untitled ), that the band reached the peak of their fame. From that album, "Stairway to Heaven" quickly became a favourite — and, within two years, the song reached anthemic status. Music of this decade got louder than even anyone in the late 1960s could imagine, as Heavy Metal also established itself as a genre. The latter half of the decade brought us disco, which quickly grew to ubiquity — and then died a quick death , after there was a huge backlash
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Unformatted text preview: against the genre. • The first wave of Punk Rock also started in the late 1970s, in opposition to the "dinosaur rock" from the earlier half of the decade. Social Concerns: • The Gay Rights Movement really got going after the Stonewall Riots, only to have to fight a hateful rightwing homophobic backlash with people like Anita Bryant trying to roll back the first legal advances. • Environmentalism also got going well with the first Earth Day in 1970 with early movements including going after commercial whaling which completely turns the public image of Cetaceans from Moby Dick monsters to gentle giants of the deep who desperately need help before they are wiped out....
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