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The Eighties Daily Life: Society was ambivalent about yuppies even at the time. It's true that the "self-made man" (read: greedy, rapacious bastard) was idolized, but yuppies were viewed in roughly the same way that the dot com millionaires of the '90s were: a class of smart, driven young men who made vast fortunes nearly instantly by trading on mumbo-jumbo that nobody else understood. They came in for plenty of ribbing as self- interested, too, much as hipsters are today. Entertainment: Television was going through a rough patch. While many shows were holdovers from The Seventies , the networks had a very hard time keeping new shows on. What shows did survive were massive hits:
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Unformatted text preview: Cosby, Cheers, Miami Vice, etc. o However, this decade also showed the rise of challenging American drama series like Hill Street Blues , St. Elsewhere , and L.A. Law which took the Soap Opera elements like the Ensemble Cast and Plot Arc and put them into serious drama. • TV shows also started experimenting with settings, no longer were the standard dramas and comedies confined to the three biggest cities. Eight Is Enough was set in Sacramento, for example, while Dueling Show Family was set in Pasadena. Later on, Washington, DC and San Francisco became very popular in this respect....
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