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The Nineties The '90s was more or less the decade of the sitcom , with Seinfeld and Cheers leading the way, followed by Friends and Frasier . o This was actually more complicated. The worst sitcoms today would seem positively mediocre compared to some of the things that aired back then. For example, Charlie Hoover . Western Animation started coming into its own after decades of stagnation . o After decades in the Animation Age Ghetto , and in large part due to the enormous success of The Simpsons , animated series began to appear that were aimed at adults as well as children — and sometimes not even particularly at children . Batman: The Animated Series , Spider-Man and, most notoriously, South Park really started to push the envelope as to what stories could be told via animation, often with fantastic results. Meanwhile, children's shows like Rocko's Modern Life , Ren and Stimpy and Animaniacs played a giant game of " let's see what we can slip past the censors ," and often won. o
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