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The Nineties o In the UK, the IRA continued to be a threat, albeit a diminishing one, until quite late in the decade, thanks to some political wheeling and dealing that required one of the Ulster Loyalist parties propping up John Major 's government, and the continued financial support of the IRA from Noraid in the US. Starting in the '90s, a lot of the stigma surrounding such things as cohabitation and single-parent homes started to slowly fade away. ( Murphy Brown 's single motherhood — a fact of life that seems ridiculously banal today — was actually an issue in the 1992 Presidential election .) As opposed to the earlier decades when people kept problems to themselves, the mental focus of the '90s was all about being open with one's life issues. Gay rights were just starting to be a
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Unformatted text preview: topic of conversation, though cultural mores generally kept gay relationships in subtext rather than text. Education/School : School busing had become very unwieldy in some parts of the country, with very few kids going to their local school unless they had no other choice. So how did kids get to school? More often than not, your parents drove you. Unlike in The Fifties , there was no stigma against it it was just how you got there. Since this was the era of " Stranger Danger ", it would only be under the rarest circumstances that a kid would walk to school usually, only if you could see the school from your front yard, and maybe not even then. If you couldn't walk, and your parents couldn't drive you, only then did you take the bus....
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