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The Eighties - The Eighties Technology Atari and its 2600...

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The Eighties Technology: Atari and its 2600 system were leading the way during The Golden Age of Video Games in America, along with dingy arcades as everyone got Pac Man Fever . Unfortunately, it was Too Good to Last in 1983 with The Crash . All it took was a Japanese company by the name of Nintendo and its little gray toaster ( And a Robotic Operating Buddy! ) to change it all back in '85. Mario and Luigi went on to become household names with Super Mario Bros. , and was the best-selling video game of all time until Wii Sports (also made by Nintendo) stole its thunder in '09. Most parents and Moral Guardians weren't too concerned about home computer games at the time, instead focusing their worries on arcades, which were viewed as hangouts for juvenile delinquents and gangs. Home computing was taking its first baby steps towards becoming a fixture of daily life. Computers like the Apple II , the IBM PC and the Commodore 64 emerged, creating the first generation to know
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  • Fall '10
  • Personal computer, Video game console, Super Mario Bros., Commodore 64, Pac Man Fever, Video Gamesin America

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