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The Eighties The "Satanic Panic" took off and reached its peak in this decade. Spurred on by alleged "true stories" like Michelle Remembers and The Satan Seller (both of which are now widely believed to be fraudulent accounts ), there was widespread fear among communities, churches, and even law enforcement and social services that there existed an underground network of devil- worshippers who kidnapped, abused, and sacrificed children and other "innocents" in order to gain power from the Dark Lord . Your next-door neighbors could be conducting virgin sacrifices in their basement and you wouldn't know about it — until they came for you and your loved ones! Some of the wackier theories even alleged that the Satanists had
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Unformatted text preview: infiltrated the government, business and the military , and were using their resources to not only cover up their evil, but facilitate it. Hundreds of people saw their lives destroyed by allegations that they were Satanists , with one of the most notable (and sensationalized ) incidents being the McMartin preschool case. It got to the point where even Procter & Gamble was accused of being Satanic due to their logo, which they had to change — they later wound up suing the people who spread the rumors (which caused their stock to plummet) for $19 million. • A woman in the U.K. claimed that 1 in 4 British adults was a member of the satanist underground....
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