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The Eighties Social Concerns: With new drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine coming into play, The War on Drugs was at its most prevalent and Anvilicious ; with school programs such as D.A.R.E. and former first lady Nancy Reagan telling kids to "Just Say No", these had, well, varying degrees of success. There was also a new and terrifying plague: AIDS, whose etiology and pathology was unknown at the time. People were basically dropping dead, and no one knew why. No one even knew how it spread. At first the public lashed back at the groups hardest hit — gay men and intravenous drug users — as causing or deserving the disease. That
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Unformatted text preview: eventually began to fade as the disease forced many people out of the closet like Rock Hudson and suddenly the public finally had to face the fact that gay people were everywhere and were hiding because of the social bullying they were suffering from the public. • " Stranger danger " first began to appear in this decade, with parents concerned that their children could be abducted off the street by predatory pedophiles. However, the fact that more sexual abusers are known to their victims, like their own parents, was also exposed to the public's horror as well....
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