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The Eightie4 - apocalyptic movies like The Day After...

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The Eighties Food and Drink: Coca-Cola and Pepsi were at each other's throats during the "Cola Wars", pulling out all the stops with their advertising. In 1985, Coke garnered quite a bit of controversy by reformulating their classic recipe, causing sales to plummet. They had quickly switched back to the old, marketing it as "Coca-Cola Classic", thus saving sales. Similarly, McDonald's and Burger King were undergoing a "Fast Food War" similar to this. A dog by the name of Spuds Mckinzey was the mascot for Budweiser Beer. Headlines: There was, frankly, a lot to fear in the '80s. The US was still at war, and getting nuked was a frighteningly plausible possibility. A string of post-
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Unformatted text preview: apocalyptic movies, like The Day After , Testament and Threads , helped keep the fear bubbling. The Chernobyl meltdown made people queasy about even peaceful applications of nuclear technology. o The corollary to all the Cold War fear was that, when the Soviet Union collapsed like a pricked soap bubble at the end of the decade, there was a huge sense of relief and hope for the future. • A man by the name of John Hinckley Jr., in an attempt to impress his love Jodie Foster , tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981 after addressing an AFL-CIO conference. All of the shooting victims have survived....
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