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The Ninetie5 - The Nineties Professional basketball...

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The Nineties Professional basketball exploded in popularity, thanks in no small part to Michael Jordan, the man often called basketball's version of Babe Ruth or Pele . It's no coincidence that the most watched basketball game of all time was in 1998. Moral Guardians were at their most hot-and-bothered since The Fifties , as a result of shows like Beavis And Butthead and The Simpsons , violent video games (more on that below) and musicians like Marilyn Manson and most gangsta rap artists. The guardianship was thought to have jumped the shark in 1994 when a Jerry Falwell- produced video claimed that President Bill Clinton was a serial killer who had ordered hits on political enemies , but it came back with a vengeance after Columbine provided them with a holy grail of things to panic about — two teenagers who played Doom and listened to "violent" rock music shooting up their school while dressed in black.
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